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NG Broadcast

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NG Group Oy designs and implements versatile presentation technology solutions companies, associations and individuals customers. Our products are imported by NG Broadcast live on your business premises and bring your product or your service will nicely bring attention in an eye-catching way.

“Take your ad anywhere!”

“NG Broadcast enables effective marketing of a particular product or service!”

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We tailor the right hardware solution for you. The devices are connected With Wi-Fi or network cable telecommunications network.

We offer the user easy to use background system from which it can be defined how long and what kind presentations / videos to be shown. For example, a restaurant shows during the day lunch menu and in the evening is presented Ála carte menus.

On weekends, the evening is advertised performers or promotional products. Proper palce on the property makes sure that NG Broadcast draws a passerby attention with videos and changing images, e.g., with an item demonstration video.

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